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Concourse A:

Concourse A was opened in 1968. Prior to the opening of a much more modern Concourse B in June 1998, all gates in Concourse A were occupied by US Airways. Pre-merger United Airlines flights and Cape Air are the only two airlines in Concourse A. Other previous airlines at Concourse A include American Airlines, American Eagle, Northwest Airlines (before their merger with Delta Air Lines) and Continental Airlines (before their move to Concourse C). United, following its merger with Continental added gate A4, and following the transfer of flights to/from Newark and Cleveland to Concourse A, United also added gate A3, giving United control of gates A3-A6.

Concourse B:

US Airways and Delta Air Lines currently share the concourse, with Delta having three gates (B5, B7, B8) and US Airways having three (B9, B10, B11). Air Canada flights to Toronto are handled by US Airways and operate out of their gates. Concourse B's amenities include a Paradies Shop, Hudson Valley Wine Bar, Starbucks and Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen. Gates B1, B2, B4 (lower level) and B6 are currently not in regular use (B3 boarding area has been blocked and is currently used as office space).

Concourse C:

Concourse C was opened in June 1998 as part of the airport's $184 million renovation project. Concourse C has three gates, all being used by Southwest Airlines. Gate C1 was formerly used by Continental Airlines. Concourse C has two Paradies Shops, a business center, an interfaith prayer room and a Brioche Doree.

Concourse D

There have been discussions between the Town of Colonie and The Albany Airport Board regarding the construction of a new concourse. The concourse will be built to satisfy the needs of a growing US Airways and Southwest, and will also become an international concourse with immigration and customs facilities.[18] Southwest only has two gates for their operations which some have said is not enough, considering that Southwest has over a 40% market share with only 10% of the gates. At times, aircraft have to wait until one of the two gates open up or passengers have to deplane on the tarmac via airstairs. Proponents of the new concourse contend that it would also be useful to attract new airlines to ALB. The proposed concourse would have approximately 10 gates. However, there is insufficient space for the new facility on airport property at this time.

The airport previously had pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi access throughout the entire airport provided by WiFiFee, but recently introduced free WiFi service.

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